Ted Matthews, president and owner of Forum-Group, LLC, is a veteran public relations practitioner with broad experience in public and government affairs; media, marketing and internal communications; community and philanthropic relations; and executive support for presentations, speeches and other needs.


He formed Ted Matthews & Associates following a successful career with Springs Industries and Springs Global, the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of consumer home furnishings. He previously worked for Duke Energy, one of the nation's largest electric utilities, and was a journalist for several newspapers, including the Chicago Sun-Times.


In 2009, Ted formed Forum-Group and assumed leadership of the three round table associations: Evanston Group, Global Forum, and VP Forum, of which he is a former member. As coordinator of the three groups, he succeeds Jeff Kelley, who led the groups from 2004 to 2008, and Bob Peterson, who co-founded the groups.


Global was founded in 1977; VP and Evanston were founded in 1983 and 1984, respectively.


Peterson is retired and resides in Switzerland. He and several PR colleagues, mostly Americans on assignment in Europe, began meeting informally to share information and socialize during the 1960s. The sessions were private and membership was by invitation, limiting participation to senior-level colleagues. Eventually, the sessions grew in size and Peterson became coordinator for the European group. He later established other groups for North America.


While members and their companies have changed over the years, the value of membership has been constant. Members share insights and learn from their peers in a private, intimate setting. Meeting agendas are customized to address their specific issues, which fosters insightful round table dialogue.